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CCTV Cameras


Samsung analogue CCTV cameras


Samsung Indoor Dome Cameras

SCD-2010F  Based on W-V DSP Engine 1/3" Super HAD CCD Image Sensor 3mm Lens | 600 TVL PRICE
SCD-2080  3-Axis , 1/3" Super HAD color CCD sensor,  600TVL , 2.8~10mm VF Lens PRICE
SCD-3080 3-Axis , 1/3" Super HAD color CCD sensor , WDR , 600TVL , 2.8~11mm VF Lens PRICE

Samsung Outdoor Dome Cameras

SCV-2080 Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera, 1/3" Super HAD CCD, Vari focal 3.6x (2.8 ~ 10mm) PRICE
SCV-3080 1/3" High Resolution WDR, Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera, Vari focal 3.6x (2.8 ~ 10mm) PRICE
SCV-2120 Vari focal 12x (4~46mm) High Resolution Vandal-Resistant, 600 TVL (Color), Day & Night ICR  PRICE
SCV-3120 Vari focal 12x (4~46mm) High Resolution WDR Vandal-Resistant , 600 TVL (Color), Day & Night ICR PRICE

IR Cameras

SCD-2080R  High RES Vari focal Dome Camera, 1/3'' Super HAD color CCD, IR Indoor PRICE
SCV-2080R 1/3" High Resolution Vari focal Lens IR LED  Camera, Day & Night ICR Vandal Dome camera Outdoor PRICE
SCO-2080R 1/3" High Resolution Varifocal Lens IR LED Camera, Day & Night ICR Bulet Outdoor  PRICE
SCO-2120R High Resolution IR LED Camera with 12x Zoom (3.9~46mm), 70m monitoring range, Bullet Outdoor PRICE

Box Cameras

SCB-2000 Samsung 1/3" High Resolution Camera, W5 DSP, 0.05Lux@F1.2 (Color), Day & Night, 600 TVL  PRICE
SCB-3000 Samsung Super High Resolution , 600 TVL, WDR,  ICR Day & Night  PRICE
SCB-3001 Super High Resolution Camera, 1/3" Vertical double density color CCD, Built-in SV-V,  650 TVL ,0.3Lux PRICE
SCB-4000 Samsung 1/2" High Resolution XDR Camera, A1 DSP, 0.12Lux@F1.2 (Color)  PRICE

PTZ Cameras

SCP-2120 Samsung 12x High Resolution PTZ Dome Camera  PRICE
SCP-3120V Samsung 1/4" 12x High Resolution WDR Vandal-Resistant PTZ Dome Camera  PRICE
SCP-3120VH Samsung 1/4" 12x High Resolution WDR Vandal-Resistant PTZ Dome Camera with housing PRICE
SCP-3370TH 1/4" 37x High Resoluion DVR 600TVL PTZ Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera with Housing and auto Tracking PRICE
SCP-3430H Samsung (Light Grey) 43x Zoom High Resolution PTZ Dome Camera WDR , with Housing PRICE

Samsung IP CCTV cameras

Samsung Indoor IP Dome Cameras

SND-5080  Samsung 1/3" 1.3MP HD H.264 Network Dome SURFACE Max. 1.3M (1280 x 1024) resolution PRICE
SND-7082F Flush mount Key Features Samsung Techwin WiseNetII DSP chipset Maximum 3 meg pix resolution PRICE
SND 7082 Surface Mount Key Features Maximum 3 megapixel 4:3 resolution (2048 x 1536) PRICE

Samsung Outdoor IP Dome Cameras

SNV-5080 Samsung 1/3" 1.3MP HD V/R Network Dome 2.8-10mm Max. 1.3M (1280 x 1024) resolution PRICE

IR Cameras

SNV-7080R Samsung 3MP FHD V/R Network Dome 3-8.5mm w/IR Max. 3M (2048 x 1536) vandal proof PRICE
SNO-5080R Samsung 1/3" 1.3MP HD 2.8-10mm H.264 IP66 IR Network CAM 1.3M(1280x1024), 16 : 9 PRICE

Box (Full Body) Cameras

SNB-5000 Samsung 1/3" 1.3MP HD Network Camera Max 1.3 MP ( 1280 x 1024) resolution PRICE
SNB-7000 Samsung 1/3" 3MP full HD Network Camera Max. 3M (2048 x 1536) resolution PRICE