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Luis Santos : Pastries with Passion - cake factory Sydenham

Well what we can say about your work. Start by telling what a great professional job you have done for us, and if it wasn’t for you we still would be having problems. I do recommend every business to install a security system in the premises, if it is perfected by a professional installer like you. We caught a rat who has been working for the company for a long time but unfortunately all that time he was also stealing from us . If it wasn’t for Sydney CCTV we would not be trading anymore. So we want to congratulate you on a great job and wishing all the best in the future.

Jim Christie : RESI Home Loans
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the displayed and recorded video material. The fact that I can remotely view my cameras from anywhere in the world is very convenient for me because I travel a lot and I like to keep an eye on my employees.
George Sikos :  Black Label Adult Shop
I know nothing about computers but I have no trouble in operating the DVR software. It is easy and so simple. If I can do it, anybody else can operate it without any problems.
Nick Ristevski : Rockdale Metres factory
The Digital video surveillance system form Sydney CCTV saved me lot of money and headaches because in few occasions thankfully to the crystal clear recorded images I managed, in association with the police, to retrieve my stolen goods. The CCTV system helped me also improve the productivity in the factory, so now, my workers are much more efficient than before.
James Moses : Favela Night Club
Running a night club in the middle of Kings Cross requires lot of skills and help from my subordinates. My biggest help comes from the Digital Video Surveillance system installed by Sydney CCTV. That is my only reliable source to control my worker's attendance and also perfect tool to keep them honest and dedicated to the job.
Gary Khilla : Southern Cross Transport Terminal
I am very pleased we picked Sydney CCTV as our digital video surveillance installer. Now we are able to monitor and control the entire traffic of our terminal. The CCTV setup allows us to read the registration plates of the incoming and outgoing vehicles, 24 hours a day. It was beyond our imagination that even during the first two weeks of operation we could test the effectiveness and the helpfulness of the system. The accuracy and the quality of the digital video recordings  helped us resolve two separate incidents that happened at the terminal during this time. We are very grateful to Sydney CCTV for the quality of the installation and the support given to us, so that's why we are considering installing the same video surveillance system at 2 other locations.
Tony Ritchie : Director of Channel Nine News
We will always remember the tragic news about the brutal murder of Mr Stojce Petreski, father of three young boys (the third and the youngest was just born few days earlier) that happened on July 12th 2006. He attempted to intervene during the armed robbery at White Horse Hotel  in the Sydney's suburb of St. Peters. That bravery tragically cost him a life. The video footage from the whole event was presented to us by Sydney CCTV  who were also the installers of the video security system at the premises. We were all astonished by the amount of the information and the quality of the video recording that was presented to us, so we immediately decided to buy the rights for the video security footage which was converted into a $10,000 donation to the family of the deceased, as suggested by Sydney CCTV. We thank Sydney CCTV for the professionalism in their work and also for their unselfishness and support to our community.
Evan Batten : Channel Ten - News Reporter
The story about the "Dum Thief" was one of the top news events on 12th of March 2007. It seems everybody was talking about it. Thanks to Sydney CCTV , their sophisticated Digital Video Recorders and Video Surveillance Systems we were able to show to the Australian public how  ignorant and how arrogant the thieves sometimes can be. This particular thief was recorded in every aspect of his dirty act: the registration plates of the car he was driving was recorded, his face was recorded and also the items he stole were clearly visible on the footage.  I expect that the police will have no problems in catching him.