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Company Profile

Sydney CCTV Pty Ltd.  was established in 2008 by its founder, Georgi Ristov - Jagy (graduated electronics engineer), who brought into the 
company his 20 years professional experience from the local electronics industry. 
Sydney CCTV Pty. Ltd.  is certified within the NSW security regulatory bodies  as: “Security equipment installers and security systems integrators”.
Sydney CCTV Pty. Ltd. is a current, corporate group member of the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited - SPAAL 
and a holder of a Master Security Licence, No. 410168172 issued by the  Police Department of NSW.
Professional Involvement 
 Main fields of operation: 
·                           DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE 
·                           ACCESS CONTROL 
·                           ALARMS
·                           COMPUTER NETWORKS 
·                           PLANNING
·                           PROCUREMENT
·                           MANUFACTURING
·                           INSTALLATION
·                           SYSTEM INTEGRATION
·                           NETWORKING
·                           MAINTENANCE
·                           SERVICE
·                           SALES
Our Policy 
·          We only agree to undertake jobs as complex as we can comfortably handle.
·          We always tent to control the complete process of installation from the very begging until the final completion of the task.
·          We accept the responsibility for our security installation by giving 12 months warranty for the supplied equipment and craftsmanship.
·          We tend to do our jobs only "once" with minimum fuss combined with maximum concentration and commitment.
Our Goal
·          Becoming an upmarket player in the video surveillance and electronic security industry in Sydney and NSW. 
Our Strength
·          We are not just ordinary security technicians and installers. Our expertises and specialised knowledge in electronic hardware design 
and troubleshooting, computers know-how, local area networks and Internet connections, is also of a very high standard. 
·          We confidently guarantee that all our installations will always maintain the top quality and unprecedented reliability. 
·          By being system integrators as well as designers of various security products, we guarantee that all possible technical obstacles related 
to the installation and operation of any security system will be resolved in the most efficient timely manner. 
·         Our digital video streaming technology and remote video monitoring over the Internet, is amongst the best and also the simplest in the world. 
·         For every our individual project, we allocate a dedicated manager who is exclusively responsible for all related tasks. 
That's how we minimise the possibilities of communication breakdowns among various groups involved in the project, which is usually
 a serious problem with big organisations. 
·          We have neither big marketing team nor a huge accounting department to run, which relates to less overheads and minimum expenses. 
That’s why we can offer competitively low prices for our services, while maintaining the highest possible quality standards.